Casio pays tribute to its own Casiotron, which Casio debuted in 1974 as the first digital watch with an automatic calendar function. The new Casiotron 50th Anniversary TRN50-2A is a limited-edition ode to the original model, complete with the same dimensions and design, but now boasting modern technology inside.

The new Casiotron 50th Anniversary TRN50-2A.

Casio’s updated interpretation of the Casiotron adds many of the Japanese company’s newest high-tech functions, including the ability to link via smartphone and Bluetooth to the Casio Watches app.

The link function allows the wearer to access functions unimagined in 1974, including automatic world time updates, while enabling multiple alarms, among others.

“When Casio introduced the Casiotron in 1974, it marked a pivotal moment in the history of timekeeping,” says Tom Kato, Chairman of Casio America. “The release of the Casiotron set a new standard in watchmaking, paving the way for innovations that have since become ubiquitous.”

Echoing the original watch, the new model is built using a screw-lock case back, though the new edition adds a glass back to allow for radio wave reception of the built-in antenna.

New highlights of the Casiotron TRN50-2A also include: fifty meters of water resistance, a full auto super-illuminator LED backlight, five daily alarms and of course world timer capabilities.

Casio commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the original model with a caseback symbol, accompanied by an engraved serial number to highlight the limited edition of 4,000.

Price: $500 at


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