Casio pays tribute to its own Casiotron, which Casio debuted in 1974 as the first digital watch with an automatic calendar function. The new Casiotron 50th Anniversary TRN50-2A is a limited-edition ode to the original model, complete with the same dimensions and design, but now boasting modern technology inside.

The new Casiotron 50th Anniversary TRN50-2A.

Casio’s updated interpretation of the Casiotron adds many of the Japanese company’s newest high-tech functions, including the ability to link via smartphone and Bluetooth to the Casio Watches app.

The link function allows the wearer to access functions unimagined in 1974, including automatic world time updates, while enabling multiple alarms, among others.

“When Casio introduced the Casiotron in 1974, it marked a pivotal moment in the history of timekeeping,” says Tom Kato, Chairman of Casio America. “The release of the Casiotron set a new standard in watchmaking, paving the way for innovations that have since become ubiquitous.”

Echoing the original watch, the new model is built using a screw-lock case back, though the new edition adds a glass back to allow for radio wave reception of the built-in antenna.

New highlights of the Casiotron TRN50-2A also include: fifty meters of water resistance, a full auto super-illuminator LED backlight, five daily alarms and of course world timer capabilities.

Casio commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the original model with a caseback symbol, accompanied by an engraved serial number to highlight the limited edition of 4,000.

Price: $500 at Casio.com.


Casio celebrates G-Shock’s 40th anniversary with two full-carbon-cased versions of its first-ever G-Shock watch, the DW5000.

The new models, GCWB5000UN-1 and GCWB5000UN-6, each place the watch’s already high-tech solar-powered timekeeping (paired with Bluetooth and radio controlled accuracy) into a choice of two new lightweight, three-layer carbon cases, each with the G-Shock 40th anniversary logo engraved on the back and the year of G-Shock’s birth noted on the dial .

These are premium models within the extensive 5000 series, which has presented the rectangular G-Shock dial and case for four decades to ardent collectors. 

Available now for the first time in Carbon cases, each of the anniversary editions is built from three types of carbon materials – forged carbon, carbon fiber reinforced resin, and multi-layered carbon. Carbon layers also appear within the dial and the extra thick bracelet.

One model, the GCWB5000UN-1, boasts a monochromatic midnight black hue while the other, GCWB5000UN-6, features a spacey, textured purple design.

Not only are these debuts newly cased in carbon, each case is also somewhat thinner than earlier offerings within its Full Metal sister line. The thinner case and the carbon, case, bracelet and clasp means these new model weight in at 64 grams while the full metal series tips the scales at 167 grams.

Of course both watches feature all the technical features you’d expect from the newest 5000 series models, including the aforementioned solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth and radio control, as well as a Super Illuminator (high-brightness full auto LED backlight), shock resistance, 200 meters of water resistance, strong magnetic resistance, four daily alarms, a snooze alarm, world time, countdown timer (24 Hr.), a stopwatch and 12/24-hour time formats.

Look for each model to arrive in 40th-anniversary special packaging.

The G-SHOCK GCWB5000UN-1 and GCWB5000UN-6 are each priced at $2,000 and are available at select retailers, gshock.casio.com/us, and the G-SHOCK Soho store. For more information about the G-SHOCK brand, visit gshock.casio.com/us.

The Father of G-SHOCK, Kikuo Ibe, speaks during the G-Shock 40th Anniversary celebration in NYC on Nov. 9.

Casio America updates its elegant Oceanus Manta collection with four new models, each boasting a solar-powered movement, a blue or black dial and a thin titanium case.

The new Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S6000SW-2A.

Casio positions the Manta collection as its luxury line. All models are made at Casio’s famed Yamagata factory with limited-production and hand-crafted finishing.

Casio coats the index (at 12 o’clock), second hand and date display with pink gold IP to express the image of a sandy beach under the sunlight. The crown is coated with pink gold IP.

The limited-edition OCWS6000SW2A, is particularly unusual with a spiral-cut sapphire wave-shaped bezel colored by vapor deposition in a vivid blue gradient.

Casio’s new spiral cut technique is used to carefully cut curves on top of the faceted shape to create a smooth, three-dimensional design reminiscent of the whirlpools of waves.

The dial is also specially crafted using a vapor deposition process that is not only eye-catching but disguises a solar charging panel underneath. The index (at 12 o’clock), second hand, and date display are decorated with pink gold IP that Casio says are meant to “express the image of a sandy beach under the sunlight.”

The back of Oceanus Manta OCWS6000SW-2A.

Casio crafts the band, buckle and case from titanium and adds a titanium carbide treatment to harden the material. The new 42mm watch, a limited edition of 300,  is the thinnest yet from Oceanus, measuring 9.2mm from top to back.

Three additional new models (in the S7000 series) also feature smooth sapphire crystal bezels, a titanium case and bracelet and double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass. This series also features thin-cased models measuring 9.5mm from top to back, wearing just a bit higher on the wrist than premium model.

Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S7000-1A.Casio also offers a slightly different blue or black color combination with the three 42.8mm S7000 models. 

Two of the debut models, the OCWS7000A, and OCWS7000B, offer a gradated blue to black IP-finished dial, while the OCWS7000 has a solid black dial.

Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S7000A-2A.

Casio finishes each with its own color finish, all on hardened titanium cases and bracelets. OCWS7000 and OCWS7000A are finished with silver while the OCW-S7000B is dark grey.

Oceanus Manta OCW-S7000B-2A.

All the debuts are equipped with Casio’s latest technologies, including Multi-Band 6, Tough Solar, Tough Movement, 100-meter water resistance, smart access, and Bluetooth connectivity via the Casio Watches app. With the app, wearers can access an auto time adjustment, world time in 300 cities, a status display and a helpful phone locator.

The OCWS6000SW2A is priced at $2,400. Of the S7000 series, the OCWS7000-1A will retail for $1,300, OCWS7000A-2A for $1,400, and the OCWS7000B-2A for $1,550.

With one look at the new Casio Edifice ECB950MP-1A (or its stablemate ECB900MP-1A) the wearer can see why this Edifice series is so visually linked to auto racing.

The Casio Edifice ECB950MP-1A

Developed with assistance from race drivers, the series features a dial that mimics a race car steering wheel and gauge set. The dial features a layout with four accent colors, inspired by the color-coded push-button controls on race car steering wheels.

The speed indicator is convenient for watching races.

Here we have a chronograph dial with a bright yellow, high-visibility seconds hand. Around the dial Edifice has placed a black IP bezel engraved with tachymeter markings—not unlike a race car dashboard. 

On the wrist the watch’s matte-finished dark bezel nicely contrasts with the polished 51.5mm by 48mm polished steel case.  Edifice supplies an extremely comfortable soft urethane strap. The strap is more secure than usual thanks to a raised tip, which retains the strap end within the keeper.

This sharp-looking high-performance watch will effectively enhance your time-tracking options by using smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth. Simply pair the watch to your smart phone with a push of a button through Casio’s Mobile Link Technology. 

Solar Power

The Casio Edifice ECB950MP-1A also features Casio’s Tough Solar Power, which essentially means there’s a tiny solar panel system built in to the watch that converts light to electricity and eliminates the need for battery changes. It can even be charged in low or fluorescent light. After full charge, the watch can be operated without solar charging for about six months with normal use of functions and about nineteen months with the power-saving function enabled.

The timepiece is also water resistant up to 100 meters and protected with a scratch resistant mineral crystal.

The watch (right) pictured here with the other new Edifice Multicolor model, ECB900MP.

Additional features include a 1/1000-second stopwatch, a countdown timer, 5 multi-function alarms, a full-auto double LED light (Super illuminator) and more.

With so many useful functions, a solid case and strap and good-looking on the wrist, the Casio Edifice ECB950MP-1A is very strong value, especially given its $250 price tag. . 


Specifications: Casio Edifice ECB950MP-1A

Automatic time adjustment (four times a day)

Easy watch setting

Stopwatch data transfer
Displays lap times down to the millisecond. See lap time differences and fastest time at a glance.

World time (about 300 cities)

Time & place
Pressing a button on the watch records the date, time and position on a map within the app. Useful as an activity log.

Phone finder (ECB-950MP only).

100 Meter water resistance

Tough Solar (solar powered)

Smartphone Link

Hand shift feature


1/1000-second stopwatch

Countdown timer 

5 multi-function alarms

Full-auto double LED light (Super illuminator)

Case size (L× W× H): 51.5 × 48 × 13.9 mm

Weight: 103 g

Compatible band size: 145 to 215 mm

Case / bezel material: Stainless steel

Black IP Bezel

Resin Band

Mineral Glass

The new G-Shock GMW-B5000TVB Virtual Armor echoes the first-ever G-Shock watch, but with a sci-fi twist. Unlike the many recent iterations of this classic model, this eye-catching new edition is finished to look very familiar to gamers or anyone who regularly inhabits the virtual world.

The new G-Shock GMW-B5000TVB Virtual Armor.

With its familiar screen-shaped bezel, the new titanium-cased model foregoes the familiar B5000 brick pattern dial, replacing that classic look with a negative LCD and a geometric pattern printed on the crystal. Laser-engraved numbers and specs on the bezel and band also help deliver a high-spec gaming feel all around.

The case’s geometric camouflage (in black and brown ion plating) recalls virtual signaling while futuristic lugholes show off the case and the fine resin beneath. Even the function indicators mimic a sci-fi scene with their laser-engraved markings that conjure caution signs.

G-Shock technicians also coated the case back in diamond-like carbon (DLC) to enhance abrasion resistance. An orange inlay accents the light button.

Of course the radio-controlled, solar-powered GMW-B5000TVB delivers all the shock resistance and world-time features and technical specification you’d expect within G-Shock’s premium 5000 series. (See below for full specifications.)

Price: $1,700.



Specifications: G-Shock GMW-B5000TVB Virtual Armor

Case: 49.3mm × 43.2mm × 13mm titanium, sapphire crystal with glare-resistant coating, screw lock back, 200-meter water resistance.

Strap: Titanium, solid with one-touch 3-fold clasp.

Time adjustment: Radio-controlled watch, Tough Solar (light powered).

World time: Five World time 39 time zones (39 cities +coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, Home city/World time city swapping, auto summer time (DST) switching

Stopwatch: 1/100-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 00’00”00~59’59”99 (for the first 60 minutes) 1:00’00~23:59’59 (after 60 minutes) Measuring unit: 1/100 second (for the first 60 minutes) 1 second (after 60 minutes) Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times

Timer: Countdown timer Measuring unit: 1 second Countdown range: 24 hours Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments and 1-hour increments)

Alarm/hourly time signal:

5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm)

Hourly time signal

Additional Features: Neon Illuminator (Blacklight LED), full auto-calendar (to year 2099), power saving (display goes blank to save power when the watch is left in the dark), low battery alert, approx. battery operating time: 10 months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge) 22 months on rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge). Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month (with no signal calibration and mobile link function).

Other Features:

12/24-hour format

Date/month display swapping

Day display (days of the week selectable in six languages)

Regular timekeeping: Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day