Mondaine adds three new black and white models to its minimalist Neo chronograph series. Each offers a variation of a classic panda-syle dial, and all retain the Mondaine red-dot seconds hand as seen on clocks at all Swiss railway stations.  

These 41mm quartz chronographs feature brushed steel cases that frame the classic three-sub-dial chronograph layout on each watch. One model is a classic Panda, with dark sub-dials amid a white primary dial, a second is all white while the third is a ‘reverse-panda’ dial, with white sub-dials amid a black primary dial. The latter example features white markers to extend visibility.

Each watch is also made ultra-visible with Mondaine’s generous application of SuperLuminova on the top of Neo’s broad hands.

Mondaine attaches each of the cases here to an unusual black grape leather strap. The watchmaker has replaced all its leather straps with vegan leather examples, with this type made from organic waste from wine production. All three watches are water resistant to fifty meters.

Price: $495.

Casio pays tribute to its own Casiotron, which Casio debuted in 1974 as the first digital watch with an automatic calendar function. The new Casiotron 50th Anniversary TRN50-2A is a limited-edition ode to the original model, complete with the same dimensions and design, but now boasting modern technology inside.

The new Casiotron 50th Anniversary TRN50-2A.

Casio’s updated interpretation of the Casiotron adds many of the Japanese company’s newest high-tech functions, including the ability to link via smartphone and Bluetooth to the Casio Watches app.

The link function allows the wearer to access functions unimagined in 1974, including automatic world time updates, while enabling multiple alarms, among others.

“When Casio introduced the Casiotron in 1974, it marked a pivotal moment in the history of timekeeping,” says Tom Kato, Chairman of Casio America. “The release of the Casiotron set a new standard in watchmaking, paving the way for innovations that have since become ubiquitous.”

Echoing the original watch, the new model is built using a screw-lock case back, though the new edition adds a glass back to allow for radio wave reception of the built-in antenna.

New highlights of the Casiotron TRN50-2A also include: fifty meters of water resistance, a full auto super-illuminator LED backlight, five daily alarms and of course world timer capabilities.

Casio commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the original model with a caseback symbol, accompanied by an engraved serial number to highlight the limited edition of 4,000.

Price: $500 at Casio.com.



By Gary Girdvainis 

It will come as no surprise to any fashionista that the retro-chic design of the Briston Clubmaster is a child of a Franco-Italian collaboration – in this case with a bit of Brit influence mixed in for good measure.

The Briston Clubmaster Sport

Crafted in cellulose acetate supplied by the sixth-generation-owned Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli 1849, the watch has Briston making a case for a watch case in the form of a “squircle”. What’s a squircle you say? It’s actually a portmanteau of “square” and “circle” and really best describes the softened corners and flowing lines of this Briston case out of round.

Emulating the style of both luxury eyewear and fine writing instruments originally crafted in tortoise shell (a misnomer as most often sea turtle shell was used), the main body of the Briston Clubmaster case is sensually smooth and soft to the touch, hypo-allergenic, and even recyclable.

Variegated patterns evoke the tortoise-shell effect of its biological predecessor, and like natural shell, the man-made acetate versions will vary with no two cases being exactly alike. Unlike the original shell, the cellulose acetate can be brought to life in an amazing array of colors beyond the amber and cognacs of the original – including solid tone colors crafted in the same material.

In our Ice Blue Briston Clubmaster sample, the steel lugs spaced 20mm apart seamlessly emerge from the semi translucent case, while a threaded steel back and domed sapphire crystal protect the inner workings and lume-enhanced dial and hands.

Various colors are available in a 40mm x 40mm three-hand model as well as a 42mm x 42mm chronograph with day/night indicator at 3 o’clock. All are water resistant to 10atm and powered by Miyota quartz movements.

For smaller wrists there are also options in 36mm and 24mm in a variety of cool case colors and matching dials. 

Lightweight and stylish, Briston watches are an easy purchase with prices ranging from $195 to $440 at www.briston-watches.com 

Citizen adds a gold-and-blue-hued limited-edition light-powered Satellite-Wave GPS watch to its high-end Attesa collection. The new Attesa Power of Neptune features a dial design inspired by the icy blue surface of its namesake planet Neptune, named of course for the Roman god of the sea.

The new Citizen Attesa Power of Neptune.

Boasting a dark blue sapphire glass bezel to match the dial, the watch also enhances its luxury appeal with Duratect Gold on its side and on its dial, where city names are printed in the same gold color. 

Citizen reports that the surface of the bezel is particularly clear thanks to the use of physical vapor deposition, which provides a more defined color than traditional printing techniques. You’ll also find yellow gold color accents on the indexes and hands.

Citizen extends the luxury to the bracelet and the 44.6 mm by 15.4 mm case, both of which are made using Duratect Platinum, which provides a silvery hue.  On the back Citizen underscores the limited-edition nature of the watch (which will be limited to 1,900 pieces worldwide) with an embossed case back featuring a trident symbol amid the swirling sea currents.

Citizen fits its top-of-the-line F950 movement into the watch. The F950 will receive time-only signals in as little as three seconds, after which the hour and minute hands move rapidly to display the correct time.

Price: $2,395.

Bulova extends its long association with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation as the watchmaker debuts a new Limited Edition watch inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

The newest Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright watch, inspired by the Wright-designed Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

Bulova also launches the new watch to mark the centennial of this hotel, an architectural masterpiece designed and built by Wright from 1913-1922.

Bulova looked specifically to a geometric peacock detail found in the hotel’s mural and carpeting. The watch’s six-sided 41mm gold-tone stainless steel case references the hexagon at the center of the peacock while the colors and shapes on the printed graphic dial echo the colorful peacock design.

The watch is powered by a Miyota quartz movement, which Bulova protects with a curved mineral crystal and thirty-meters of water resistance. From the back of the watch, note the interesting glass insert specially printed with a line drawing of the Imperial Hotel façade.

Bulova individually numbers each watch and attaches the case to a blue calf leather strap with tonal stitching and a hot-stamped pattern on underside of the strap. 

Each watch will be sold inside a gift box with a story booklet and commemorative plaque. Bulova will make 1,000 Frank Lloyd Wright watches as part of the limited edition. Price: $495.

The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was founded in 1940 by Wright to advance his legacy of organic architecture, is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and owns Wright’s own homes, Taliesin and Taliesin West, along with his intellectual property. 

To see additional offerings within Bulova’s Frank Lloyd Wright Collection visit the website.