In addition to the wristwatches Patek Philippe is currently debuting during its the grand exhibition “Watch Art” Tokyo 2023, the Geneva watchmaker is also  displaying a spectacular new collection of ‘rare handcrafts’ models, including dome clocks, table clocks, pocket watches and wristwatches, each decorated with artisanal dial and case work inspired by Japanese culture.

In all, Patek Philippe is unveiling a collection of forty creations (eight dome clocks, five table clocks, nine pocket watches and eighteen wristwatches), all one-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces. Each pays tribute to hand engraving, hand-executed guilloché work, gemsetting and various forms of enameling. The exhibition also presents a selection of some 190 pieces belonging to the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

Below we’ve assembled a selection of the rare handcrafts items on display at the exhibition in Tokyo until June 25.

Kyudo pocket watch with miniature painting on enamel, flinqué enamel and hand engraving.
The Japanese garden decor on the case back was hand-engraved and hand-guilloched, and then coated with translucent and opalescent enamels, a technique known as flinqué enamel.


The Katagami pocket watch with hand-engraving.
The case back was first hand engraved with a pattern of vertical grooves using line engraving and chased to obtain alternating matte and shining finishes suggesting textile fibers.


The Portrait of a Samouri is a pocket watch with case back in wood marquetry and dial in enamel.


Shizuoka and Mount Fuji pocket watch with cloisonné enamel, flinqué enamel and hand-engraving.


Opposite side of the Shizuoka and Mount Fuji pocket watch.


The Eagle pocket watch in cloisonné enamel, paillonné enamel and miniature painting on enamel.


Close-up on the dial of the Eagle pocket watch..


The Snow-Covered Landscape Golden Ellipse wristwatch with dial in cloisonné enamel enriched with miniature painting on enamel.


Bird on a Red Maple is a ladies’ minute repeater wristwatch with dial in cloisonné enamel enriched with miniature painting on enamel.


Hanami dome table clock in cloisonné and paillonné enamel enriched with miniature painting on enamel.
The Japanese Stamps Dome table clock in cloisonné enamel with hand-engraving.
The stamp motifs were rendered by hand with line engraving and coated with translucent brown enamels to create the effect of shadows and patina.




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