Citizen launches three new models in its Attesa Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS watch series.

Like previous models in the celestial-themed series, the new watches are designed in cooperation with the Hakuto-R commercial lunar exploration program. Citizen provides its Super Titanium alloy to the space program as a component of the landing legs for its next mission. The lander for Mission 2 is scheduled to be launched at the end of 2024.

Citizen Attesa model CC4065-61Y with a mother-of-pearl dial.

All of the new models are Eco-Drive Atomic Timekeeping watches equipped with Direct Flight, a Citizen technology that allows easy adjustment of the time and date in 24 time zones with a twist of the crown.

One of the three new watches, Attesa model CC4065-61Y, features a full mother-of-pearl dial, the first found in the Attesa collection. Citizen layers mother-of-pearl over a colorful dial base metal, evoking patterns that echo the moon’s surface. Elsewhere on the dial, Citizen applies materials with different textures to approximate the look of a moonlit night.

And this model is the only one among the new debuts to be fitted with Citizen’s premium F950 movement boasting accuracy to ±5 seconds per month , which is capable of receiving time signals in as little as three seconds.

New Citizen Attesa Model BY1008-67L.

The other two debuts are set with Citizen’s Eco-Drive Atomic Timekeeping Cal.H874, which clocks in with a rated accuracy of ±15 seconds per month.

Each of the other debuts, Model BY1008-67L and Model BY1009-64Y, also offer moon-themed dials, Here Citizen uses textured ink on the dial create distinctive lunar patterns.

One model offers a blue-tinged dial and a silvery moon with a 41.5mm Super Titanium case in gray DLC while the other links rose gold tones and black DLC on its 41.5mm case. The latter model also displays metallic pink accents inspired by the color of cherry blossoms.

New Citizen Attesa Model BY1009-64Y.

Here, Citizen utilizes moon phase display that shows the phase as calculated by the proprietary ‘Luna Program’ that which calculates the moon phase for each day based on date signals received from multi-band radio transmitters.

Prices: $1,475 (BY1008-67L Limited edition of 2,400 pieces worldwide, and BY1009-64Y Limited edition of 2,100 pieces worldwide) and $2,995 (CC4065-61Y Limited edition of 1,900 pieces worldwide). 


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