Citizen expands its Promaster collection with the new Promaster Land Altichron,  a 46.7mm titanium-cased adventure watch with a built-in electronic compass and altitude sensor.

The new Citizen Promaster Land Altichron.

With a blue dial and large, luminous hands, the new watch is easy to read thanks in part to its analog displays, which replace the usual liquid-crystal displays found on many traditional quartz-powered adventure watches.

The watch’s altitude sensor will note altitude up to 10,000 meters (more than 32,800 feet) above sea level and 300 meters (nearly 985 feet) below sea level. Citizen’s design here cleverly displays all the watch’s data, including time, altitude, direction and date, on the dial simultaneously.

Citizen builds the case using its own Super Titanium, which is treated with two high-tech protection materials known as Duratect MRK and Duratect DLC. Protection against the elements is further enhanced with a thick spherical sapphire crystal and a highly durable nylon strap.

As with all Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster watches, this newest model is light-powered, which eliminates the need to regularly change a battery. 

To celebrate the new watch, Citizen has enlisted champion climber and climate activist Will Gadd to ‘Team Promaster.’ As a brand ambassador, Gadd will be sharing his personal accounts as he travels the globe to raise awareness for the environmental protection of mountains.

Citizen’s latest ambassador Will Gadd, sporting the new Promaster Land Altichron.

“The fundamental measurements of my world are time, altitude and direction.,” Gadd says. “The Promaster Land Altichron gives me all of these in a rock-solid package. This relationship is new, but the values aren’t.” 

Two New Promasters 

Citizen is also adding two new Promaster Tough models to the collection, each with one-piece 41mm Super Titanium cases and a matching triple-link bracelet.

The Citizen Promaster Tough, with a 41mm Super Titanium case.

These Eco-Drive models are water resistant to 200 meters and are available in two dial options: black (BN0241-59H) and green (BN0241-59W), each featuring luminous hands and markers and a date display.

The green-dialed version of the new Citizen Promaster Tough.

Prices: $995 (Altichron) and $575 (Promaster Tough).

Citizen expands its Series 8 collection of automatic watches with a highly anti-magnetic GMT model. Offered in three contemporary designs, including one limited-edition gold-colored model, the new watches add a highly practical function to the offerings within this much-acclaimed Citizen collection.

One of three new Citizen Series 8 automatic GMT models.

With their traditional GMT function, the new watches allow the wearer to read the time in up to three time zones via the bi-directional rotating bezel.

The bezel colors are split into daytime and nighttime hues, represented by blue and black on the black-dialed model and red and light blue on the model with the dark blue dial.

Citizen created a dial designed to mimic Tokyo at night with a pattern meant to recall skyscrapers and windows of different sizes. The pattern updates a classic checkerboard design, which in Japan are said to represent prosperity.

Citizen finishes the 41mm by 13.5mm steel case on the two ongoing models with both mirror and brushed finishes with multiple patterns. Automatic caliber 9054 is visible through the clear caseback. Citizen adds strong magnetic resistance to the caliber and case, which helps the watch maintain average daily accuracy of-10 to +20 seconds and a fifty-hour running time.

The yellow-gold-colored Series 8 GMT is a limited-edition of 1,300 pieces worldwide. Citizen explains that its designers were inspired by the “warm golden rays of the autumn sun in Japan” when coloring the case, bracelet and dial.

The embossed dial pattern here is particularly impressive. Meant to recall the appearance of light and shade created by long autumn grass during the sunset, it elevates the visual appeal of this limited edition with an artisanal approach not typically seen at this price level.

Here, Citizen frames the dial with a pleasing brown and cream-colored GMT bi-directional bezel. And like the ongoing GMT models, this limited edition also exposes its Caliber 9054 movement through a clear caseback. 

Prices: $1,795 (limited edition) and $1,695.

Citizen’s latest Attesa GPS watch highlights the watchmaker’s galactic inspiration with a full dose of Satellite Wave technology and a space-blue bezel and central bracelet links.

While Citizen is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Attesa collection with this debut, the watchmaker makes no secret that its designers gazed into space as they designed the new watch. Most directly, the watch’s eye-catching, star-flecked dial anticipates Citizen’s collaboration with the Hakuto-R lunar exploration program.

The Citizen Attesa 35th Anniversary watch.

Citizen, which provided the Hakuto-R exploration program with Super Titanium components to be used in the legs of the Series 1 Lander, applies the same coating on this model and on many of its higher-end models (including a few in the hot-selling Hakuto-R series.)

Super Titanium is Citizen’s proprietary alloy that creates a lightweight, anti-allergenic, scratch-resistant and rust-resistant case for the 44mm watch. Citizen applies its other high-tech coating, Duratect DLC, along the bracelet and on the bezel.

You’ll find the DLC blue coating decorating and protecting the bracelet along the center links of the titanium bracelet, between the glossy black Duratect DLC coating. A well-made fold-over clasp with button secures the bracelet.

Within all this high-tech material Citizen places its groundbreaking F950 movement to power the light-driven Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS functions. The watch is capable of receiving time signals in as little as three seconds, with the hour and minute hands moving twice as fast as previous models.

Of course, as a full-fledged GPS model, the watch hosts a deep set of advanced features, including world time in 27 cities (40 time zones), a chronograph, dual time zones, (UTC) universal coordinated time display, a perpetual calendar, as well as daylight savings time, and power reserve and light level indicators.

On the back of the watch Citizen commemorates the 35th anniversary of the Citizen Attesa collection.

Price: $3,550. 

To commemorate Veterans Day, Citizen launches a new Promaster Navihawk pilot watch and partners with Jump for Valor, a charitable non-profit organization that assists veterans through skydiving and aerial sports.

The new 48mm steel watch is powered by light via Citizen’s robust Eco-Drive technology and synchronizes to hyper-accurate radio-control timekeeping technology, which allows for time adjustments in twenty-six time zones.

The Citizen Limited Edition Promaster Navihawk AT8225-51L.

The watch is packed with useful indicators, including a chronograph, perpetual calendar, power reserve, city time zone display, a sliding scale for measurement and a rotating navigational bezel with a compass.

The watch will be issued in three versions. One is a limited edition cased in a black ion plating ($850) and comes with a matching Citizen clock. This model, a limited edition of 1,500, features a cobalt blue gradient dial and bright orange accents.

The Limited Edition Promaster Navihawk is limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide and comes with a Citizen clock that matches the watch.

Two additional models offer a choice between a gradient blue dial ($650) and a green dial ($695). The former is cased in traditional steel and offers silver-tone hands and red accented luminous hands and markers.

The second frames its green dial with grey ion-plated stainless steel accented with yellow highlights.

As part of its Purposeful Power campaign, Citizen will donate watches to the Jump For Valor Veterans Day event, which starts today and runs through Sunday in Suffolk, Virginia. Citizen will fund tandem jumps and one veteran to become certified to skydive. In addition, Citizen will gift a Promaster Air watch to each of the participating veterans.


Citizen launches a new limited edition pilot’s watch this week in conjunction with 1% for the Planet and Everybody Solar, two energy conservation organizations.

The watch, which joins the Promaster series, is an Eco-Drive (light- powered) Limited Edition Navihawk. The 48mm black ion-plated steel watch boasts a cobalt blue dial with pilot-friendly orange accents.

The new Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Limited Edition Navihawk.

The watch includes not only fully synchronized radio-controlled timekeeping technology (which will update time automatically in twenty-six time zones) but also a chronograph, a complete perpetual calendar, 12/24-hour time options, a power reserve indicator and day/date display.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, demonstrated here, powers the watch using only light.

Sales of the watch will benefit the two conservation organizations and Citizen’s new “Purposeful Power” ad campaign. For every #mylight moment shared to @citizenwatchesus, Citizen will donate $5 to Everybody Solar towards the goal of 100% funding of a solar installation project next Spring. This would be the second joint project  between Citizen and Everybody Solar. In recent months, Citizen’s donations helped complete the new 35 kilowatt (kW) array at Glacier National Park’s headquarters.

“Our message of Purposeful Power is aspirational so as to reflect the desire of both the Citizen brand and our consumers to treat the planet, and those around us, with respect and to make a positive contribution to the world,” says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America.

Citizen includes a matching Citizen clock with each watch.

Citizen is limiting production of the watch to 1,500 pieces worldwide. As an added bonus, Citizen is also including a matching Citizen clock with each watch. Price: $850.