Bulova adds a new, five-link integrated bracelet to three new models in  its CURV collection, the watchmaker’s series of models that feature an unusual double-curved sapphire crystal and a dramatic curvature in the case radius.

One of three new Bulova CURV chronographs.

The new chronograph models include two in 45mm stainless steel cases available with semi-translucent dials in a choice of green or gray with rose gold details. A third debut is a two-tone 45mm model combining steel and rose-gold, topped with a semi-translucent black dial.

On each model, the 45mm case and double-curved crystal is additionally offset by an unusual 55mm curvature in the radius to create a case shape that curves to hug the wrist.

Each new dial on the trio of debuts offers a peek into the proprietary quartz movement plate below it via a translucent circular ring just round the chronograph sub-dials. Bulova finishes each dial with a striped pattern and prominent hour markers.

The chronograph display is a standard one with elapsed chronograph time shown in 12-hour, 60-minute, and 60-second intervals. The chronograph 60-second sub dial at 6 o’clock doubles as the seconds hand.

Bulova’s CURV is outfitted with brand’s proprietary high-speed quartz movement that vibrates at 262kHz, a frequency eight times greater than a standard quartz movement, enhancing its precision to plus or minus five seconds per month. All Bulova CURV Chronographs are water resistant to 30 meters.

Prices: $1,150 to $1,195. 

Bulova launches Duality, a new 34mm diamond-accented watch collection for women.

One of two new Duality models from Bulova.

The collection’s name refers in part to its easy-change system that allows the wearer to quickly switch the watch strap by simply pressing two pins at the end of the bracelet or strap. 

Bulova supplies a bracelet and two leather straps of different colors with each Duality watch.

The new collection, offered in two models, features a rounded, bowl-shaped steel case with a hidden crown. One model in the collection is made with a steel case and bracelet and a blue dial and arrives with a grey leather strap and a blue leather strap.

The second model is made with a two-tone gold-plated stainless steel case and bracelet and a white dial and comes with a black and silver-white leather strap set.

The Duality dials are the result of a Japanese treatment called Denchu that essentially results in a slightly different textured surface for each dial. 

On the all-stainless steel models you’ll see a blue Denchu dial set with a total of fifty-two diamonds in the center zone and on the square markers.

The two-tone gold-plated Duality watch features a zoned white dial with the Denchu pattern and uses gold-tone stick-shaped markers to indicate the time. This model offers a mother-of-pearl dial center surrounded by forty-one diamonds.

Bulova tops the Duality with a curved sapphire crystal and protects the two-hand quartz movement inside with thirty meters of water resistance. 

Price: $995.

Accutron and Bulova celebrate their shared history with NASA and the U.S. Space Program by launching the Accutron Astronaut and Bulova Lunar Pilot, each inspired by vintage Space Age designs.

The new Accutron Astronaut

NASA worked closely with Accutron to devise timekeepers for watches, instrumental panel clocks and internal mechanisms integral to the numerous missions into space starting in the mid-1950s through the 1970s.

Similarly, Bulova watches were worn by astronauts and pilots in the same era. On August 2, 1971, Apollo 15’s mission commander made lunar history while wearing a Bulova chronograph.

An Accutron and NASA 60-minute timer from the 1960s space program.

Accutron Astronaut

Referencing the 1968 “T” version of its Astronaut model, Accutron now relaunches the model with an update that specifically highlights the watch’s distinctive day/night bezel. The new 41mm steel-cased Accutron Astronaut is the first re-edition in what Accutron says will be “an exciting new series of Accutron Astronaut timepieces.”

The new model offers a vintage-perfect double box sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, but updates the movement with a Sellita SW330 GMT automatic caliber that, in another update, is partially exposed via an exhibition case back.

Accutron fits the watch with a ‘bullet’ steel bracelet. The Accutron Astronaut is a limited edition of 300 pieces. Price: $3,500.

Bulova Lunar Pilot 

With two new Lunar Pilot watches, Bulova expands its popular Archive Series with genuine vintage-sized replicas of the Bulova watch worn on the Moon. You might recall the first (and very successful) watch in the series, the 50th Anniversary Lunar Pilot Limited Edition, a 45mm model which Bulova in 2021 celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 15 mission.

The new Bulova Lunar Pilot, with black dial.

For the latest model, the case size remains surprisingly contemporary, measuring a full 43.5mm in diameter. 

Bulova is offering the new watch with either a black dial (like the original) or a with a sporty two-tone blue and white chronograph dial.

The new Bulova Lunar Pilot, with blue and white dial.

Bulova fits both models the brand’s proprietary NP20 High Precision Quartz (HPQ) chronograph movement accurate to 1/20th second.

Both watches are available on steel bracelets and each also arrives with a matching leather strap.

Bulova connects the black-dialed edition with a black leather strap and offers a blue leather strap with the two-tone chronograph. Both straps are attached to the wrist with latched spring bars for interchangeability with the bracelet as desired. Price: $895.

By Laurent Martinez 

When I decided to write my book, ‘Timepieces, a Lifelong Love and Passion,’ I made a commitment to give away proceeds from book sales. Naturally, since I’m passionate about watches, I thought that I should look into donating to an organization within this field. After some research, I found something quite interesting.

In 1945, Joseph Bulova’s son Arde founded The Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking. Arde Bulova “wished to repay, in some small measure, the sacrifice and service of returning disabled veterans after the Second World War.”

The goal of the school was to provide training and rehabilitation for these heroes. The watchmaking school helped train an entire generation of American watchmakers — entirely tuition-free. I found this to be a very honorable endeavor but I was not sure if the organization was still in operation.

After further research, I discovered that the original Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking closed in 1993. However, it was revived a few years ago and renamed the ‘Veterans Watchmaker Initiative’ or VWI. 

The home of the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative in Odessa, Delaware.

The goal of VWI remains the same: to provide tuition-free training, support, and referral services to wounded veterans returning from war.

Since I greatly admire this initiative, I decided that the money from my book sales would be donated to VWI to help train these true heroes — to give hope not only to the students but to their families and communities too.

The Team 

After almost three years between writing the book, publishing it, and selling it, I was ready to go and meet with the organization to make my first donation. I was also curious to meet the team behind VWI.

My meeting was set up for a personal visit at their location in Odessa, Delaware, where I was to meet Sam Cannan, the head of the organization, and some of the staff, teachers, and students. I did not know what to expect, but now I can say it was a wonderful experience.

While the school’s philosophy is no doubt beautiful on paper, meeting veterans Cameron Garrish, Ben Herring, Tanner Caraway, Marc Clodfelter, Joey Tucker, Eric Perciado, Chris Tullis and listening to their stories was very emotional, honorable, humbling, and rewarding.

As you can imagine, all these guys have had a tough life — before, during, and after the wars they served in. I could feel each of them wanting to succeed in becoming a watchmaker and looking forward to starting a new life. 

I could sense as much pride from the students as from the teachers.

I attended a class with teacher Don Morton and witnessed the spirit of the team, as well as the individual attention given to each student.

Don Morton,VWI Watchmaking Instructor

The school has a high percentage of success and most students are hired even before graduating and getting their certifications. Some graduates will take their first career steps at prestigious companies like Tiffany & Co.

Sam Cannan, VWI Watchmaking Instructor.

In addition to the training operation, VWI is also a repair center for Bulova watches. A new building is currently being prepared to stock and manage all the watch parts inventory.

Sam Cannan and his team, including Debbie Katzmire, worked tirelessly to secure and renovate the building. They also managed to source the equipment and tools, most of which are donated by universities, from watch brands, and individuals.

The organization is the fantastic result of a team working to make goals a reality. The VWI also benefits from board members like Michael Benavente (Managing Director of Bulova and Accutron) and Diane James (Director of Strategic Brands at Watchbox), who bring their watch industry experience and expertise.

 The watch industry needs more watchmakers, and an organization like the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative can solve this shortage problem. The school is currently training seven people to become watchmakers, though this number could easily be increased with more support from the watch community and industry. 

The Veteran Watchmaker Initiative is a very transparent organization; I even saw their statements to see where funds are allocated and the cost of operations. 

During my visit I saw a vibrant and refreshing company dedicated to the good of our society and its people — and this was a wonderful feeling. It also reminds us that veterans have sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and our contribution will never fully pay back their service.

Laurent Martinez is the proprietor of Laurent Fine Watches, Greenwich, Connecticut. Read more by him at blog.laurentfinewatches.com or visit his site at www.laurentfinewatches.com.

Bulova celebrates the seventieth birthday of three-time Grammy winner Nile Rodgers by unveiling two watches to be sold to benefit the We Are Family Foundation, which funds schools and creative programs for youth across the globe. 

Bulova has worked with Rodgers previously as the campaign mentor to new musical artists a part of Bulova’s Tune of Time music program, as well as with existing We Are Family offerings.

One of two new Bulova ‘We Are Family’ watches.

One of the new We Are Family watches is a 40mm steel-cased, two-hand quartz model with a black IP dial designed to look like a vinyl record. The ‘record’ dial, which is emblazoned with a white signature of the famed musician and producer, is framed by a wood-grain decoration that resembles the neck of Nile’s Fender guitar, affectionately known as “The Hitmaker.”

That reference recalls Rodgers’ role in producing/writing and playing on global hits for artists such as David Bowie, Madonna, Daft Punk, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, The B52s and many others.

On the back of the watch Bulova fits a flat black mineral case with ‘HAPPY 70TH NILE!’ imprinted on it with an image of his guitar and a unique serial number. Priced at $295, the watch will be made as a limited edition of seventy. 

A chronograph too

The second new We Are Family watch is also a limited edition of seventy pieces and utilizes the Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph, one of the most popular models in its Archive Series model.

The Bulova We Are Family Lunar Pilot Chronograph.

The watch is a commemorative reissue of the original chronograph worn on August 2, 1971, during the Apollo 15 mission. Bulova has updated the watch with its own high-precision quartz movement (which features a frequency of 262 kHz).

The chronograph also features a black dial, but with highly luminous hands and markers, anti-reflective sapphire glass, a tachymeter scale and date display, all within a sandblasted stainless steel 45mm-case with an original Bulova logo.

Like the time-only benefit model, the We Are Family chronograph also features an engraved caseback that reads “HAPPY 70TH NILE!” next to an image of a guitar and the watch’s individualized number. Affixed to a textured black leather strap, the Bulova We Are Family Lunar Pilot Chronograph is priced at $795.

“We are delighted to carry on our relationship with Nile Rodgers and to be part of this significant milestone,” says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America, which includes Bulova within its corporate sphere. “Bulova fully supports the mission of We Are Family Foundation and is proud to support that mission through these celebratory timepieces.”