Rolex has started its own Certified Pre-Owned service that now enables retailers in the brand’s official distribution network to sell second-hand Rolex watches that are certified as authentic. All will be sold with a new two-year international guarantee.

The Certified Pre-Owned program concerns all second-hand Rolex watches, provided they are at least three years old.

Rolex says the program will first offer the Certified Pre-Owned watches at Bucherer boutiques in six countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark and the UK) starting this month. Other official Rolex dealers that opt in to the new program will be able to do so starting in Spring 2023.

Valid for two years, the guarantee card is meant to attest to the authenticity and proper functioning of a Certified Pre-Owned Rolex watch.

According to Rolex, the new service is designed to “bring added value to the existing supply of pre-owned Rolex watches. Because when these watches change hands, their authenticity must be attestable at the time of resale by the Official Retailers.”

The Rolex Certified Pre-Owned program offers the opportunity to purchase second-hand watches that are certified and guaranteed by the brand.

The watchmaker explains the Rolex Certified Pre-Owned seal that accompanies the watches “symbolizes their status as certified second-hand Rolex watches. The Rolex Certified Pre-Owned guarantee card, delivered at the time of the sale, officially confirms that the watch is genuine and guarantees its proper functioning. This card bears the words “Certified Pre-Owned” and serves as an official certificate of authenticity.”

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