May 5, 2023


To celebrate tomorrow’s coronation of King Charles III, British watchmaker Bremont has launched the MBII King Charles III, a commemorative watch within the brand’s military MBII “Martin Baker’ series.

The new Bremont MBII King Charles III.

Offered as a limited edition of fifty, the new 42mm steel watch (available through Bremont boutiques and the Bremont website) makes its allegiance clear with a stainless steel closed caseback nicely engraved with the official King Charles III Coronation Emblem.

A long-time supplier of specialized watches to numerous branches of the British military, Bremont previously also supplied a watch to royalty. In 2011 Bremont supplied a pocket watch to Prince Philipe as part of the celebrations for the late Queen’s Jubilee. Bremont was also commissioned by Jaguar to create bespoke car clocks for Queen Elizabeth II’s fleet of Jaguar automobiles.

Bremont maintains a classic livery for the MBII King Charles III watch, offering a tasteful white dial with luminescent hands and date display.

The only nod to royalty on the dial is the regal purple seconds hand. Inside Bremont fits its ETA-based, chronometer-rated Caliber 11 1/2’’’ BE-36AE automatic movement.

Bremont will also include a commemorative coin with the MBII King Charles III watch. The coin will also be included with any non-customized Bremont watch purchased in the near term and while coin supplies last.

Bremont explains that the coin is inspired by the concept of a traditional military challenge coin and features the official Coronation Emblem of HM King Charles III.

Price: $4,995.