Country music fans already know Niko Moon is a chart-topping country singer.

His song “Good Time” went #1 on country radio, while his other hits continue to climb the charts – with brand new music on the way as he continues to tour. In the past Moon has written no fewer than eight #1 songs – and over 40 major record label cuts for artists such as Morgan Wallen, Avicii, Dierks Bentley, Pitbull, Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts and more. He has also been a SESAC country songwriter of the year.

In addition to a musical chart-topping superstar, Moon is also an avid watch fan. He wears his Rolex Daytona “Panda” on a daily basis, and has a focused collection that includes Day-Date, GMT Sprite, and a Submariner from the crowned brand. When a Rolex is not on his wrist you might see Niko sporting an IWC Big Pilot or Portugieser. Clearly a fan of the classics, Moon’s short list of favorite brands includes Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Söhne, Vacheron Constantin and IWC.

We had a chance to catch up with Niko to ask him a few questions about his own watch collecting:

iW: When did you first develop an interest in watches?
NM: I’ve always been fascinated with time. How on one hand it’s an illusion and yet it’s a very real part of life. Over time I tend to view a watch as a steadfast companion that’s always there to remind me of the preciousness of my time on earth. It’s a constant reminder to seize every moment, every second.

iW: I’ve come to understand that you really appreciate watches by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Sohne, Vacheron & IWC. What draws you to a particular watch? Is it brand recognition, function, style, size? Tell us a little bit more about what grabs your attention and how you choose the next watch to add to your collection.

NM: For me, first and foremost I’m drawn to craftsmanship. A perfect example of this is A Lange & Sohne and their time intensive double assembly. Each watch is hand crafted by masters of the watchmaking discipline. There are few things in this world that are made with such care and precision, it’s part of the allure. I prefer watches that are easily integrated into many different styles, whether relaxed or hitting the stage. Steel and yellow gold are my go-to metals as they work well with everything I wear. The longer I am a collector the more I have focused on collectible watches that will prove a wise investment over the long term.

iW: Do you ever get tired of a particular watch and re-sell, or are you keeping every watch you buy?

NM: I have never sold a watch. For me, there is an emotional connection and story to each watch. I wait to get a timepiece until I have a “big moment” I can commemorate.

iW: Your short list of watches shows a penchant for the classics, have you looked at some of the more exotic “boutique” brands that don’t necessarily carry the same name recognition?
NM: My favorite more boutique brands are Lange and F.P. Journe. Their attention to detail is something that is just on a whole other level.

iW: What’s the most complicated watch you own?

NM: I do not currently own a high complication watch although I dream of them nightly. My Rolex day date is my most complicated. My dream complication is the A. Lange & Söhne Datograph. The movement of that watch is my absolute favorite, I could look at that movement for hours.

iW: Are there certain colorways or materials that you prefer in a timepiece?

NM: For me, I enjoy all metals except for rose gold. Color wise, black and white are my go-tos. I also love blue and green, (got a left-handed GMT sprite on the way!)

iW: How do you share/feed your enthusiasm for fine timepieces? Do you attend events, head to a favorite boutique, or participate in on-line collector’s groups?
NM: I’m always popping into watch stores while I’m on tour, looking for my next addition. I’m also online at Hodinkee reading articles, looking on Chrono24 or watching the plethora of watch videos on YouTube.

iW: What are your own personal “grail” watches that you would buy the moment they became available?

NM: The Le Mans Daytona is my absolute favorite Daytona. Again, a Lange Datograph in platinum and the Patek Philippe Aquanaut with the black rubber strap. That particular Patek is so under the radar in its casualness but completely stunning.

iW: You have a very high-end collection. Do you also have any “beater” or weekend warrior type watches that get the call to the wrist for more active times or events?

NM: Honestly I wear all of my watches consistently. For me, what’s the point of having them if I can’t enjoy them by wearing them.

iW: How frequently do you like to change-up your wristwear? Do you typically wear one watch for days or weeks at a time, or do you prefer to mix it up based on apparel and situation?

NM: I do go through phases. If I just bought a new watch, I’ll probably wear that one for the next 1-2 months, then it becomes part of the rotation.

iW: Finally, what’s your favorite watch to wear while on the road touring / performing right now?

NM: Right now my Rolex Daytona panda. I just got it and am absolutely in love. I wear it in my sweats and on stage and it looks great in both environments. Even on a smaller wrist like mine it fits perfectly.