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(Sponsored post) G-SHOCK has teamed with ASICSTIGER sneakers to create a digitally connected, ultra-sporty GBA800AT-1A watch. Starting with the basic black version of G-SHOCK GBA800, G-SHOCK has added distinctive ASICSTIGER sneaker design patterns to the case and strap using a special laser process.

Sneaker fans can now find a matching ASICS GEL-Mai knit shoe and will immediately recognize the ASICS colors on the watch, with its red hands, black case and matte white dial.

Turning the watch over reveals the ASICSTIGER logo. The watch arrives inside a specially designed watch-sized ASICS sneaker box.

The new GBA800AT-1A retains the same activity and fitness-tracking functions found on the G-SHOCK GBA800 when it debuted earlier this year. Each is equipped with a three-axis acceleration sensor and can pair with a smartphone app to support any daily fitness routine. The watch uses its built-in accelerometer to measure daily steps taken and walking/running pace, displaying the steps taken on the watch. Using Bluetooth, the watch pairs with a smartphone and sends data to the G-SHOCK Connected app, allowing users to track and view the daily steps they take and the calories they burn.

As a result of, every G-SHOCK/ASICSTIGER watch owner can set up to twenty sets of five timers on the dedicated G-SHOCK Connected app. Fitness buffs can create a menu of workouts and intervals, even break times, that repeat within a set period.

The G-SHOCK GBA800AT-1A will retail for $160 and beginning in July 2018 it can be purchased at G-SHOCK retailers, including Macy’s, shopcasio.com, select fashion boutiques and the G-SHOCK Soho Store.

Main Features of G-SHOCK GBA800/ASICSTIGER

Install the G-SHOCK Connected app on a smartphone and pair with the watch to use the following Smartphone Link functions.

The watch will also:

The GBA800AT-1A, with a 48.6 mm diameter case, also comes equipped with standard G-SHOCK technology and additional features including:

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