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Reservoir Supercharged & GT Tour

Many watchmakers consciously link dial and case designs to recall automobile races or cars. But Paris-based Reservoir turns all its watches into speedometers and fuel gauges for the wrist. And while you’re clocking hours and minutes rather than miles per hour, wearing a Reservoir watch still effectively conveys the feeling that you’re behind the wheel, racing into your day.

That effect is exactly why Reservoir exists. This new brand, which debuted at Baselworld last year, has created an impressive collection for motor heads who love their dashboards, whether in a racecar, a cockpit or under the sea.

Reservoir Supercharged Sport Red

The brand powers its full line of watches with automatic movements tethered to a proprietary jump-hour module that displays the hours at 6 o’clock and the minutes along a gauge-like 240-degree across the dial. The central retrograde minute hand jumps back each hour just as the digital hour flips ahead. Adjacent to this activity, toward the bottom of the dial, you’ll find a power reserve indicator, successfully echoing a fuel gauge.

Fuel-gauge-type power reserve

Reservoir works with well-known Swiss specialist Telos to attach the proprietary 97-part jump hour module to an ETA 2824-2 movement in order to power all this automotive-inspired design. While jump hour watches are typically found at the higher end of the watch price spectrum, moderately priced jump hour models can be found at brands like Oris and Meistersinger, though not also with the retrograde minute hand Reservoir adds to its entire collection. At higher prices, however, you will find this combination, notably on recent models from Bulgari, Chanel and Ulysse Nardin.

Reservoir uses a proprietary jump-hour module atop an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement.

Back view

Two collections, GT Tour and Supercharged, are all about automotive racing, though Reservoir offers two additional collections, each with the jump hour format. Airfight is aeronautically inspired and Tiefenmesse echoes marine themes.

The Reservoir GT Tour

The Reservoir Supercharged Classic

All Reservoir Supercharge cases are 43mm steel while the straps look like leather driving gloves and the power reserve disc is delineated to recall fuel gauges. Like racecar categories, the collection offers several interpretations, including Supercharged Classic and Supercharged Sport. The GT Tour collection offers two models, one in steel and one with a black PVD-coated steel case.

Reservoir GT Tour 371 SE boasts either a steel or black PVD treated case.

Prices start at about $3,700. For more, see www.reservoir-watch.com

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