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Arnold & Son HM Dragon and Fenghuang

A part of the Royal collection, the HM Dragon & Fenghuang is a limited edition of 5 timepieces. Arnold & Son celebrates the dragon and the fenghuang (Chinese phoenix) with this handcrafted watch.

On the dial, the two symbols are depicted with a technique reinterpreting the principles of the ancestral art of Chinese paper cutting, also named Jianzhi. Instead of paper the motif is created on mother-of-pearl by applying layers of lacquer with a miniature pad, executed with exquisite delicacy of touch and featuring fine details that evoke the depth and texture of the dragon and the fenghuang.

The watch is powered by the A&S1001 movement, which is 2.7mm thick and manufactured entirely in-house. All the plates and bridges in the movement are hand-chamfered and decorated.

HM Dragon & Fenghuang

About Arnold & Son
Dating back to 1764, John Arnold began the Arnold and Son dynasty in London, where he designed watches for wealthy clientele including royalty. His success skyrocketed after Arnold presented the smallest repeating watch ever made to King George III. With his patents for a detent escapement, bimetallic balance and helical balance spring, Arnold was one of the most inventive watchmakers of his day. Today, both the Royal collection and Instrument collection tell a story reflecting the brand’s legacy of opulent artistry and innovation.

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