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Bremont Celebrates Record-Breaking Flight with New DH-88

“You have thrilled the world…Your epic flight manifested the courage and endurance for which British airmen are justly famed. The world is indebted to you for demonstrating aviation’s ability to draw closer the peoples of the earth.” -Sir Macpherson Robertson, 22 October 1934

With partnerships with Martin-Baker, Jaguar and, of course, Kingsman: The Secret Service (my personal favorite), collaborations and Bremont go hand-in-hand. This new partnership celebrates the de Havilland DH-88 Comet, Grosvenor House, the aircraft that captured the world’s imagination with a record-breaking flight in 1934.

Bremont Comet DH-88 Rosegold

Like all of Bremont’s limited edition collections, this one is sure to go out of stock quickly. The watch is handcrafted in the company’s workshops in England and contains the beautifully finished BE-54AE chronometer-rated chronograph movement with GMT function. Each watch incorporates original spruce plywood from the undercarriage assembly of this winning aircraft.

Nick and Giles English founded Bremont in 2002, and in the early years of the company, the two were dedicated to creating pilot’s watches. Their passion continues with this piece. Nick English says, “That golden age of aviation is a period we have always loved. We were inspired by the great races of that time and the Comet, a true feat of engineering, is one of the most famous historic racing aircraft out there. The fact that it’s still flying is amazing.”

Bremont Comet DH-88 Stainless Steel

The DH-88 Comet that was flown was operated by just two men, the Smith brothers. The parallel to the English brothers and their success with Bremont is interesting and makes the watch that much more special to buyers and collectors. The watch raises funds for the Shuttleworth Collection, an aircraft museum and preservation society based in the UK.

This limited edition comprises 282 stainless steel-cased watches and 82 rose gold pieces. The movement is visible through an intricately designed and engraved caseback, and the watch is placed on an alligator strap with a pin buckle to complement the case material.

The Shuttleworth Collection

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