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Collector Archetype: The Hipster

The Hipster Collector knows watches like he knows, well…everything.  Culturally unstumpable, the HC is a lumineering vendor of amortized wassups. As today’s events calendar, app dispensary, and Obi-Wan of grooming etiquette, the hipster shapes trends by feigning indifference to them. They instaME around the clock, making them the most hyper-engaged generation yet.  Watchmaking fluff, can you hear meh now? Pay attention, as the next quarter century is theirs. This is really happening. —By Howard Parr;  Illustration by Matthew Miller

Scroll over the interactive illustration for a deeper look at the Hipster Archetype.

On the watch list

1. Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axil- Big fan of vintage gone right.

2. MB&F Legacy Machine No.1 - When big dreams collide

3. Rolex MilSub- You really need to ask?

4. Audemars Piguet- Royal Oak Extra Thin Tourbillon- Everything in its right place.

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