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Behind the scenes with Ernest Borel: Brand Ambassador Marcel Nguyen's Photo Shoot

As global ambassador of Swiss watchmaking Ernest Borel, the German Gymnastics Olympic medalist Marcel Nguyen struck a pose for a day in Bern as the model for the photo shooting of Ernest Borel’s Retro Collection masterpieces.

Personifying the classic and fashion look of the Retro Collection watches thanks to his charming, elegant and glamour attitude, Marcel Nguyen’s poses were immortalized under the direction of famous photographer Marc Ninghetto and Production agency Freestudios in the nicest places of the capital city of Switzerland, Bern.

The whole process and organization of such a complex shoot takes more than a month, including several rounds of back-and-forth with the agency, the photographer, the producer, the stylist, the authorities of Bern, the ambassador, etc. In order to build a firm schedule and fit all in one day, it is necessary to strictly get everything logistically organized and approved first with the all crew. One big element is the message to be transmitted throughout the ad shooting in order to match with the brand’s image. The creative experts will review layouts, casting specs, location, styling and props, etc.

When the shoot day arrives all are drilled to their tasks. It gets into wardrobe, hair, makeup, watch choice for the ambassador. It is all about getting the proper lighting and angle as well as cameras all working in synchronization for the photographer and the agency. The model stands in the frame, gets the right position and nails the emotion. Final touches and shoot. Multiple shoots are taken during this never-ending day, changing wardrobe, altering props, changing location, showing different watches … at the end of the day some good shoots are edited and approved, but will still need to be manipulated in post-production before  launching the ad campaign.

As the co-guest star of this special day, Retro Collection 8880T is a limited edition with only 1’000 in number and engraved with Marcel’s autograph. This collection is the first masterpiece aimed to celebrate Marcel Nguyen as the new global ambassador of Ernest Borel. The classic nostalgic design of the Retro Collection 8880T is combined with the elements of the latest trend and fashion.

Equipped with a Swiss TT651 mechanical calibre, the exclusive design of this exquisite time keeper, showing double time zones in the large and small chapter rings, is not only eye-catching but also useful during business trips, so it is well worth collecting.

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