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Prince of Gymnastics Marcel Nguyen named as Global Ambassador of Ernest Borel

Welcome ceremony held in Hong Kong with Nguyen displaying latest Retro Collection

Ernest Borel  hosted last September a grand ceremony in Hong Kong to mark the appointment of German gymnast and Olympic medallist Marcel Nguyen as the global ambassador of the 157-year Swiss timepiece brand. During the event, the prince of gymnastics formally assumed his role and also put on a dashing array of watches from Ernest Borel’s brand new Retro Collection, effortlessly highlighting the series’ classic elegance and modern sophistication.

At the 2012 London Olympics, Marcel stunned the world with his brilliant performance on the gym floor and came out as the third German gymnast in 76 years to have won an Olympic medal. His impressive gymnastic skills, striking physique and affable smile have grabbed headlines around the world, making him one of the fastest rising stars in the sport world. In every aspect, the 25-year-old athlete is the perfect figure to represent Ernest Borel. For one thing, his recognised achievement as an athlete and the inch-perfect precision with which he performs all manner of difficult moves are in the same vein as Ernest Borel’s sophisticated watchmaking art. The immense confidence, charisma and charm that the Munich-born gymnast exudes echo the unique allure and romantic style of Ernest Borel’s design.

Following the ceremony, Marcel said: I am absolutely delighted and excited to be the global ambassador of Ernest Borel. As a professional gymnast, every move I make on the gym floor has to be precise and elegant and demonstrate my skills. When Ernest Borel first approached me, it occurred to me that gymnastics had a lot in common with a magnificent timepiece brand. Ernest Borel’s superb watchmaking art and romantic, classic image are second to none. So I did not hesitate for a moment about Ernest Borel’s invitation.

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