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The watch world has grown accustomed to waiting with great anticipation for the next creation to come out of the design lab at Devon Works, the California-based manufacturer of cutting-edge timepieces. This has never been truer than since the late 2012 introduction of the limited edition Tread 1 Steampunk, the company’s biggest commercial success thus far.

Demand for the Steampunk has far outpaced supply, said Andrew Greenblatt of Watchismo, the world’s largest DEVON retailer located just outside of San Francisco. From the moment the watch was announced we had a waiting list. It’s most definitely a classic in the making.

Now the DEVON team invites you to delve deeper than ever before into the Tread 1’s inner workings with their newest creation, the aptly named Exoskeleton.

My original concept was inspired by biology, said company founder and Creative Director, Scott Devon.  I find it fascinating that nature gives us so much inspiration – like arthropods that shed their outer shells, we as designers and engineers must do the same by constantly reinventing our products in order to grow.  I brought the concept to our Chief of Design, Marko Petrovic, and his bracelet and lug design gives it a high tech and futuristic appeal that is unprecedented in watch making.

Tread 1 Exoskeleton substitutes metal for translucent polycarbonate on the watch’s end caps, master links, and crown thereby creating a panoramic window into the very heart of the movement’s inner-workings.  What results is a design that won’t escape anyone’s attention.

One of the challenges was finding a way to protect these new polycarbonate parts, explains Jeff Stephenson, DEVON’s Chief Engineer, so we took inspiration from advanced technology in the medical field and developed an intricate cage of armor-plating.

This protective plating becomes the watch’s most eye-catching design detail and also was the inspiration for the name. DEVON’s exoskeleton is designed and engineered with painstaking detail and requires considerable machining time to fashion.

However, the team took the theme even further by transitioning as many of the movement parts as possible into a translucent medium. As one example, the Tread 1’s motor housings have been revised to provide better viewing of the complicated engine beneath them.  Even the company’s patented Time Belts received the translucent treatment and now allow for a clear view deep into the heart of the movement.

One of the most notable design distinctions on the Exoskeleton from prior Tread 1 models is DEVON’s first ever use of a metal multipart linked bracelet that contributes to the piece’s futuristic character and blends well with the new design language.

This concept is truly a work of art that compliments the rest of the Tread 1 line, said Ehren Bragg, DEVON’s Managing Director. It’s an instantly recognizable indication of the owner’s status as a true watch connoisseur.

DEVON will debut Exoskeleton later this month at the Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Exhibition and production is scheduled to commence later this year. Although it won’t be produced as a limited edition, DEVON promises to keep production very exclusive.

Specifications -56mm x 50mm x 18.5mm

-Polycarbonate and 316L stainless steel case components

-Metal multipart linked bracelet

-Translucent Time Belts©

-Lithium polymer rechargeable battery lasts up to two weeks

-Inductive wireless charging system

About Devon Works, LLC Led by founder Scott Devon and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Devon Works, LLC is a design lab dedicated to creating innovative luxury products that exemplify the American spirit. Devon Works began with the design of the exclusive Devon GTX supercar and continued with the revolutionary Tread line of timepieces.

www.devonworks.com Tel: 1 (310) 402-1530

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