G-Shock unveils a new, multi-color watch with a titanium alloy called Tran Tixxi within its Full Metal GMWB5000 collection. Casio jointly developed the alloy over a six-year period alongside Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan’s largest steelmaker. The resulting material is twice as hard as pure titanium and, unlike many other titanium alloys, remains as shiny as steel.

The new G-Shock GMW-B5000TR-9.

The new model, the GMWB5000TR-9, introduces the new titanium material with an eye-catching, colorful display. The band is rainbow-like with multiple ion-plated colors; the bezel is mirror finished. In fact, the watch and its Tran Tixxii titanium alloy combine to make the GMWB5000TR-9 the first titanium G-Shock with an all-mirror finish.

The watch’s case boasts a gold ion-plated (IP) finish while its band links and buttons also feature an IP finish in an array of rainbow hues, including red, blue, light gray, dark gray and gold. The same colors are visible on the dial as well. Finally, Casio has not neglected the screw-on back, finishing it with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish that will resist wear and tear for years.

If you’re familiar with the GMWB5000 series, you’ll know that G-Shock has equipped the GMWB5000TR-9 with the full array of technical and anti-shock features you’d expect from the watchmaker. There’s full Bluetooth connectivity (via the G-Shock Connected app) for automatic time adjustment, world time, multi-band radio wave reception, an LCD and a full-auto LED backlight.

All this technology is easily powered by G-Shock’s time-proven Tough Solar power system. Even in darkness the watch’s power will last 22 months on its rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge).

The G-Shock GMWB5000TR-9, with its premium new material and embedded technology, is also premium-priced, at $1,700, equivalent to several other models in the GMWB5000 series, and all are priced less than most MR-G models. The new watch will be available for purchase mid-May at select G-SHOCK retailers, G-SHOCK Soho Store, and gshock.com.

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