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Time is Fleeting with Wolf Watch Winders

The term “Memento Mori” has inculcated us with the idea that all life is fleeting. In art and culture, this was often envisioned in the form of a skull or skeleton, often with a clock or watch in proximity to better emphasize and highlight the inevitable passing of time.

Famously applied to clocks and watches since the 16th century, this existential expression of eventual demise continues to cycle in and out of vogue – even on modern watches.

When operating, the eyes turn red on the Wolf Memento Mori winders.

Recently the colorful “sugar skulls” co-opted from Mexican traditions have had a moment of horological life with their own colorful depiction of death prominently placed on high-end wristwatches.

In a decidedly more noir variation on the theme, the fifth generation of family leadership at Wolf Winders has adapted the style in a more sober execution of the type in its new Memento Mori winders.

Textured silk stitching plays within a black and grey scale, while a hint of blood red color in the eyes of the mini chrome “skullptures” appears on the front of the winders when they are operating. This collection includes a single and double winder along with a matching eight-piece watch box and a single or triple watch roll.

Memento Mori’s dark and sleek design is a dramatic acknowledgment of your life and the life of your watch. Prices range from $149 to $449 at www.wolfdesigns.com.

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