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Take PRO TREK Outdoors This Summer

(Sponsored post) At the start of summer, Casio offers a new watch to help you on all your outdoor adventures. The PRO TREK SMART WSD-F30RG, the latest model in the PRO TREK Smart family of outdoor smartwatches, allows its wearer to access a bright full color map during precise GPS navigation and tracking wherever your summer fun takes you.

Casio makes accessing and using a wide range of outdoor activity maps and apps easier than ever. Choose from among a selection of different map designs, including topographic maps, running path maps and even boating maps. Use the Location Memory function to manually add a marker to specific locations – to find that secret fishing spot, for example.

Casio has built the orange-and-black PRO TREK SMART WSD-F30RG with three miniature sensors for measuring compass directions, barometric pressure and altitude which allow for high-precision detection of sudden changes in weather or direction.

These sensors and all the watch’s built-in Casio technology supply the watch with numerous features, including:

Adjust power consumption according to how you use the watch with three selectable battery modes.

Normal Use: Battery Life up to 1.5 days

Set your WSD-F30 to the Normal mode and wear it as a smartwatch, making full use of its features from color map displays to notification functions in connection with your selected apps. Whether engaging in outdoor adventuring or normal everyday life, you can enjoy it to the fullest throughout the day.

Extended Mode: Battery life up to 3 days

The monochrome face is normally displayed, but pressing a button calls up the color map. Optimal management of battery power to suit your planned activities allows you to reduce power consumption while still checking your current location on the map as necessary, even during a 3-day/2-night excursion.

Multi-Timepiece Mode: Battery Life up to 1 Month

Only the time and sensor data are displayed when the monochrome LCD is in use. Selecting this display cuts power consumption dramatically and offers security in environments where charging is not possible. Two display styles for outdoor or daily life are selectable.

Onboard Applications For Outdoor Activities Include
Trekking, Fishing, Cycling, Paddle and Snow. Each app includes the key information you will need to enhance your outdoor experience.

Extra bright

Not only is the new screen on the PRO TREK SMART WSD-F30RG smart, it’s never been brighter. Casio has updated this latest model with a brilliant dual-layer OLED / monochrome display that will show the time and sensor information even if you’re offline. No connection is necessary once the maps are downloaded to the watch. To reference your map or other app info, tap the screen or a twist your wrist to activate the display.

The PRO TREK SMART WSD-F30RG is water resistant to fifty meters is compliant with rigorous Military Standard MIL-STD-810G testing. Original Casio watch faces will also provide you with an array of different usage options to make the time and display fit your needs.

Priced at $549.99, the Casio PRO TREK SMART WSD-F30RG is available at the PRO TREK website, the Amazon store or at major outdoor retailers nationwide.

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