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G-SHOCK’s Newest Watch is Outdoor Tough

(Sponsored post) The Casio G-SHOCK GG1000-1A8 is the perfect companion for the outdoorsman, first responder or urban explorer. In addition to G-SHOCK’s trademark rugged, shock-resistant design, it also features a host of dedicated functions to keep tabs on your environment and point you in the right direction.

The new G-SHOCK GG1000-1A8 features mud resist construction to help ensure nothing gets into the watch and Twin Sensor capabilities that provide instant access to direction and temperature information.

When the going gets rough the G-SHOCK G1000-1A8 responds in kind with its unique, mud-resistant structure that includes specially-designed buttons with dual internal gaskets and stainless steel sleeves to keep mud and debris out so you can stay safe in the knowledge that your watch will work regardless of the conditions.

And thanks to generous knurling, they’re as easy to use with gloves as without. This design extends to the oversized case, which protects the crystal, as well as the non-slip textured strap that ensures your watch stays firmly on your wrist, where it belongs.

Where the G-SHOCK GG1000-1A8 really shines, however, is under the hood. Thanks to an internal digital compass with bearing memory, your true heading is only a button-press away. Add to this a thermometer, and you’ll always know what’s hot and what’s not.

In addition to the digital compass and thermometer, the G-SHOCK GG1000-1A8 also features a stopwatch, countdown timer, world time and multiple alarms with snooze function and hourly chime. For nighttime excursions, there’s an LED “Super-Illuminator” and Neo-Brite luminous hands to light the way.

The G-SHOCK GG1000-1A8 is priced at $320 at gshock.com, select jewelers, select Macy’s and G-SHOCK Soho store.

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