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Armin Strom Dual Timer Resonates with Efficiency

Armin Strom has doubled down on its bet with dual-movement resonance by adding a second watch governed by its innovative Resonance Clutch Spring. The new watch, the Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance, employs Armin Strom’s inventive Spring (which debuted in late 2016 to much buzz in the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance) to synchronize two independent movements placed horizontally, each with its own time setting.

Set in an unusual 59mm x 43.4mm oval titanium case, the Dual Time Resonance offers a dual-time display that takes advantage of the increased precision of two independent movements in resonance. You’ll see the Resonance Clutch Spring perched between the two oscillators at the top of the broad Dual Time Resonance dial.

Resonance essentially means the two movements become synchronized as they operate, effectively creating a highly stable timekeeping rate that heightens the watch’s overall precision. Resonance, a technically difficult (and hard to regulate) technique used by only a few other watchmakers, also means the watch is more efficient and is less prone to shock-inflicted error. Indeed, Armin Strom says that its own laboratory testing has revealed gains in precision of 15-20% for two COSC chronometer-level regulated movements placed in resonance.

By spreading apart the two independent movements on the dial, and not stacking them vertically as they were in the earlier Mirror Force Resonance, Armin Strom allows the wearer to utilize either dial to indicate GMT, a second time zone or to use as a timer. The wearer will also find a 24-hour indication at 6 o’clock.

The wide horizontal dual-time layout also gave Armin Strom space to add two barrels for each movement, extending their power reserves to a whopping 110 hours each. You’ll see a power reserve indicator embedded within each guilloche dial. On the reverse side all four barrels can be seen winding or unwinding simultaneously.

When starting out of resonance, the Armin Strom Resonant Clutch Spring can take up to ten minutes to synchronize the two systems, according to the company. To further back its claims regarding the technology, the CSEM (Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique) has officially certified Armin Strom’s resonance system based on the clutch spring as being a true system in resonance.

The Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance launches in a limited edition of eight pieces in Grade 5 titanium. Price: CHF 180,000 (approximately $180,360)

Technical specifications: Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance

Indications: Movement 1 - hours, minutes, 24-hour indicator, power reserve indicator; Movement 2 - hours, minutes, power reserve indicator

Movement: Armin Strom manufacture calibre ARF17 with manual-winding, frequency of 3.5 Hz (25,200 vph), patented resonance clutch spring, dual off-center time indications, 4 mainspring barrels, two independent regulation systems connected by a resonance clutch spring (Number of components: 419)

Power reserves: Two conical, 110 hours for each movement,

Case: 59mm x 43.4mm x 15.9mm grade 5 titanium, sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment, water resistance of 50 meters

Dial: Hand guilloche with polished stainless steel

Straps: Delivered with a black alligator strap and stainless steel double-folding clasp.

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