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Winders of the Day: JUVO’s Soft Spotlight

Are watch winders useful? Of course! But all too often the design aesthetic has been reminiscent of the Trabant. You look at it and realize that yes, it is an automobile (of sorts), but you would probably be just as happy not to have to drive it. Many collectors would like to have a watch winder, but when examining the options, they have been put off either by price or by the actual appearance of the winder.

Juvo M3 series - All Black

Juvo M3 series with aluminum and carbon fiber

Austin-based JUVO has addressed this with a series of watch winders that are very good looking. But beyond the look of the winder itself, JUVO has really considered one thing that most of the other winder manufacturers have not – the overwhelming desire for a watch collector to be able to admire the watches in the winder. To that end, the JUVO winders have been designed to not only safely wind your favorite watches, but to house them in an environment that allows you to enjoy looking at them as they are winding. But JUVO went one step further, equipping its winders with a lighting system that literally puts a soft spotlight on your watches as they wind.

JUVO watch cushions

In the words of JUVO co-founder, Bhanu Chopra: “I have all these great watches, but I rarely get to display them. To me, it’s like keeping the Crown Jewels of England out of sight where no one can enjoy them.” The design of these winders is reminiscent of what stereo components used to offer – amazing high fidelity sound capabilities encased in a beautiful package that looks as good as the furniture that surrounds it. Function and form!

JUVO M4 series - Black Panel/Red Trim

JUVO M4 series - Back of Black

JUVO winders are available in four different configurations to accommodate three, four, six or eight watches.


Case is hand-made made with fine materials comprising of high gloss wood panel, front glass cover, aluminum side panels, and a glass plate on top (aluminum panel and glass plate is omitted from All Wood models)

Four independent rotation options with Turns-Per-Day (TPD) rates of 650-900-1200-1500 TPD, and three directions (Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, Bi-Directional)

Auto reset to 12’o clock position, so the watch is always in an upright position

Reliable and quiet Mabuchi motor from Japan

Durable watch cushion with memory foam and PU leather to offer good grip and accommodate oversize watches

First ever use of COB (Chips on Board) lights in a winder. Three varying intensities controlled by a touch-sensitive switch

Guaranteed for two years, from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defect

See: https://juvoluxury.com

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