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Summertime Clocks

Here are a few affordable quartz timekeepers for your wall or desk.

Many of your favorite watch companies also dabble in clocks. But with a few exceptions, the best-known Swiss or German watchmakers reserve branded clocks as promotion items for retailers and a few lucky customers. Only a few firms whose wares we frequently place on our wrist also offer a range of wall clocks or desk clocks. The fact that such clocks can be purchased through thriving, unofficial sources confirms the strong demand for them.

Of course, the vast majority of watchmaker-branded clocks are quartz powered. Mechanical clock making is a craft whose artisans can rival the best watchmakers, and clocks on that high-end level warrant a wholly different story. (We’ve described several of these artisanal clock makers in previous stories here and here).

For now, we’re displaying a range of affordable clocks offered by Citizen, Bulova, Mondaine and Seiko. None of these clocks is priced higher than $550, and most are less expensive. (Look them up online for exact pricing and ordering information.) Like we said, these are fun clock faces, some of which echo the dials of their wrist-borne cousins, any of which can be displaying time in your office well before the end of summer.


Citizen says its newest clocks offer “an alternative to yesteryear’s designs,” with modern looks. Citizen’s clock offerings, set to debut this fall, will include five key collections: Decorative Accents, Workplace, Gallery, Outdoor and Executive Suite. Available online and in-store, the clocks will range from $105 to $250. Here are a few examples:


With six clock collections, Bulova’s offerings cover a wide range of styles and technologies, including a few new Bluetooth-enabled models. Other collections include Indoor/Outdoor, Decorative Wall, Alarm, Chiming and one of my favorites, the Frank Lloyd Wright collection. Look for them at www.Bulova.com or www.Bulovaclocks.com


Also offering a broad range of desk, wall and mantel clocks, Seiko’s designs include traditional and high-tech, including a radio-controlled alarm model. One set of wall clocks, called Melodies in Motion, offers a tuneful way to tell time. On the hour, these clocks (priced $235-$550) play one of twelve to eighteen melodies, plus an opening and closing tune. See http://www.seikoclocks.com. Here are several Seiko clocks:

Seiko Christmas Melodies Clock

Seiko Metallic Blue Wall Clock -$55

Seiko Melodies in Motion Dixie Musical Wall Clock

Seiko Wooden Case Wall Clock -$75


This Mondaine's SBB wall clock comes in two sizes and three colors, priced from $235 to $395. Several desk clocks are also available. See www.mondaine-usa.com.

Mondaine's SBB Clock. Two sizes and three colors, priced from $235 to $395.

Mondaine also offers desk clocks

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