The 2022 Ocean Photographer of the Year (OPY) competition has drawn to a close with some stunning undersea images taken across the planet by dozens of talented photographers. Blancpain and Oceanographic Magazine revealed the names of the winners in all categories of the competition, including for the Female Fifty Fathoms prize awarded by Blancpain.

Ben Thouard of France wins Ocean-Photographer-of-the-Year 2022 with this surfer image.

The winning photographers were, in order, Rafael Fernandez Caballero (Spain), Mike Spencer (UK), Nicolas Remy (France/Australia), Simon Lorenz (Germany), Tom St George (UK/Mexico), Matty Smith (UK/Australia), Ryuta Ogawa (Japan/UK) and Steve Woods (UK/Canada).

The competition’s grand prix was awarded to Ben Thouard (France), along with the accolade of Ocean Photographer of the Year 2022. Based in French Polynesia, Ben Thouard was unanimously chosen for his breathtaking image of a surfer riding one of the world’s largest and most famous waves, Teahupo’o.

The second Female Fifty Fathoms Award (FFF) was won by Australian photographer Brooke Pyke.

The second Female Fifty Fathoms Award (FFF) was won by Australian photographer Brooke Pyke.

This announcement coincided with the opening of an outdoor exhibition of the winning photographs taking place along the banks of the Thames (The Queen’s Walk, London) from 5 to 27 October 2022.

The partnership between Blancpain and OPY is part of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment, which brings together all the Brand’s initiatives to protect the ocean. The programme comprises three separate but interrelated parts: raising awareness of the beauty of the oceans, scientific research into ecosystems and undersea phenomena, and introducing tangible initiatives for conservation, such as the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Photo by Brooke Pyke.

Through the OPY competition, Blancpain and Oceanographic Magazine – the competition’s organiser – aim to reveal the splendour and fragility of the oceans to a wide audience. A powerful medium for conveying emotions, undersea photography has been an integral part of Blancpain’s ocean initiatives for nearly 20 years.

Source: Blancpain