Months after Audemars Piguet opened its sprawling Manufacture des Saignoles in Le Locle, which now hosts the workshops of Audemars Piguet Le Locle – previously known as Renaud & Papi – Audemars Piguet has just laid the first stone of its new building, named the Arc, adjacent to its existing facility in Le Brassus.

The Arc, designed by De Giuli & Portier Architects, will measure a full 17,000 square meters divided between three floors and a basement where the technical rooms are located.

A rendering of new Arc in Le Brassus.

In addition, the Arc will be connected to the current Manufacture des Forges. These two buildings will essentially combine all of Audemars Piguet’s industrial sites, which are currently spread across the Vallée de Joux. The courtyard situated between the Arc and the Manufacture des Forges will be converted into a garden.

Construction work for the Arc started in the spring of 2021 and is planned to finish in 2025. The building allows long-term flexibility thanks to its modular layout and anticipates the company’s future needs. The two buildings also highlight the brand’s dedication to and respect for their environment.

Situated in Le Locle, the Manufacture des Saignoles hosts the workshops of Audemars Piguet Le Locle.

The project has been developed from an ecological standpoint and incorporates a partial land use plan. A green roof will recreate an ideal biotope for insects and birds, while offering a panoramic view from of the Vallée de Joux’s meadows. The project will also benefit from a cutting-edge energy management plan. In addition to using industrial waste heat, the Arc will be connected to the remote fossil-free wood-based heating system, Le Brassus Bois, situated next to the train station. Photovoltaic panels will provide the Manufacture with an additional source of renewable energy.

Source: Audemars Piguet

Inside the Manufacture des Saignoles.



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