October 2, 2023


Citizen marks its ongoing partnership with ispace’s Hakuto-R space program with a new Attesa Eco-Drive watch encased in 42mm of Super Titanium, which Hakuto-R also uses on the legs of the project’s lunar lander.

The latest Citizen Attesa Hakuto-R Collaboration includes a galaxy-styled dial.

Citizen then treats the case and the matching Super Titanium bracelet with Duratect DLC to both darken and protect them.  

The glittery dial on the new Attesa underscores the watch’s galactic theme. Citizen has devised a beautiful purple and blue hue, which it created from recycled polycarbonate printed with structural color ink developed by the FujiFilm Corporation.

The dial reflects and refracts light and features silvery accents that echo the look of glittering stars and nebulae.

To emphasize the limited edition nature of the watch, Citizen engraves the Hakuto-R logo on the back of the all-black case back.

As the Citizen Attesa Hakuto-R is a radio-controlled watch powered by light, it is among the most user friendly analog world timer/perpetual calendars available. Adding to that ease is Citizen’s “Direct Flight,” a name for the easy adjustment of the time and date in twenty-six times zones with just a turn of the crown. 

Citizen will make 2,700 Attesa Hakuto-R Collaboration watches, each priced at $1,495.