Watch Madness 2013

It’s that special time of year again. No, not just springtime- March Madness. Whether your alma mater is in the bracket or not, fans are established, lines are drawn and buffalo wings stain fingers nationwide. Team iW wanted to bring passions for horology and sportsmanship together. Welcome to ‘iW’s Watch Madness.’

This interactive bracket gives YOU the power to decide who comes out on top. Its simple:

1. Click on an open game
2. Check out the stats on the watch and image
3. Decide which timepiece you prefer
4. Vote

Two games at a time will be open over a 24-hour period, after which polling will be closed and the next two games will begin. Follow your favorite piece as the bracket ebbs and flows.

Stop by the homepage every day at noon for additional stats and images about the ‘players’!

Good Luck!

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