Fine Life Media draws on the industry’s most experienced and expert group of businesspeople and journalists. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the FLM team has built International Watch  into a world-class publication with national and international reporting on cutting edge news, trends, topics and events in their industries.

Meet the leaders of our Fine Life Media team:

Bios Coming Soon!

Danny Govberg
President, Fine Life Media

John Shmerler
Senior Vice President, Fine Life Media

Caroline Kallman Joffe
Publisher, Fine Life Media

Rachel Gold
Marketing Coordinator

Sheryl Vizak

Michael Thompson
Editor-in-Chief, iW Magazine

Nancy Olson
Managing Editor / Ladies Editor

Nola Martin
Swiss Managing Editor / Correspondent

Kate Lawler
Web Editor

Dr. Thomas Mao
Special Editorial Advisor

Donald Loke
Master Watchmaker/Technical Advisor

Elizabeth Doerr
German Correspondent

Theodore Diehl Peshkur
European Correspondent

Ian Skellern
Swiss Correspondent

Roberta Naas
Contributing Writer

Ken Kessler
Contributing Writer

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