Tissot Opens First Boutique in Russia

By: Tissot   April 1, 2013

Tissot officially opens its boutique in the very heart of Russia, in a place of great importance to the brand. The Boutique is situated in the famous and splendid GUM trade center, one the most beautiful architectural buildings on the Red Square.


On 28 March,Vladislav Tretiyak, one of the legends of Ice Hockey and President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, as well as François Thiébaud, the President of Tissot, took part in the opening ceremony of the first Tissot Boutique in Russia, in honour of the longstanding partnership between Tissot and the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia.

This sporting partnership is not the only bond that Tissot has with Russia. It was also one of the leading markets for Tissot from a very early stage. Tissot is therefore proud to inaugurate a boutique in a country that contributed to its success and further led it to be the worldwide brand it is today.

The official opening of the Tissot Boutique will be followed by a “virtual tour” exhibition that will invite people into the incredible world of the Tissot tactile technology.

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