Dior VIII Pink Sapphires

By: Dior   April 3, 2013

CD1245EFC001_DIOR_VIII-CERA-BLANCHE-CERCLE-SAPHIRS-ROSES-38MM21In 2013, Dior VIII is completing its day, cocktail and evening wardrobe. For the day, a new bezel in diamonds and mother-of-pearl prolongs the silky look of the dial on a white ceramic model. Still in white, two new 38mm versions see the light of day with a dial set in a circle of pink sapphires or Paraiba tourmalines.

38mm automatic – White ceramic and pink sapphire-set dial

A new variation on the day wardrobe in the Dior VIII collection, the white ceramic 38mm automatic model is adorned with a new pink sapphire-set dial.

This model is equipped with an automatic movement, embellished with an oscillating weight lacquered in pink, the colour, according to Christian Dior, of “happiness” and “femininity” and matching the shade of the stones on the dial.

As elaborate on the inside as on the outside, this new timepiece is inspired by Christian Dior’s taste for colour.

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