Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Loupe System

By: Nola Martin   June 10, 2014

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 15. Have you shown your appreciation yet? Throughout this week, iW and its Leading Watch Retailer network present a selection of timepieces and accessories ideal for the important men in your life.

Today’s pick comes from Oster Jewelers in Denver, Colorado

The Loupe system is the ideal companion for any watch enthusiast with a discerning eye for detail and high standards.  It defies all loupes by using a professional optical system similar to that of early 1980s cameras made with five multi-coated optical glass elements arranged in three groups.  The Loupe Systems provides a wider field of view, starting at 40 milimeters, allowing perfect clarity of an entire watch dial or movement at once instead of only select areas. This superior system has defeated chromatic aberration such as diffraction or color shift for example and it is free from image distortion that can cause a straight line to appear significantly curved that appeared when using previous hand-held loupes.

The Loupe System is delivered with an alternative top silicone rubber element, a microfiber carry pouch and cloth which are all presented in ABS waterproof case that double as four-watch case.

Whether your passion is vintage watches or your eyes light up for hand-engraving on a movement, this accessory will bring the details into a new light.

“If Dad is a watch enthusiast, there is nothing more thoughtful than a special gift which will enhance his enjoyment of one of his major passions. It shows that you understand and appreciate that Dad has his passions and that you wish to play a role in making his day special. After all, to a watch enthusiast, his collection can be like children too!” –Oster Jewelers

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