Winning Hands

By: Megan Samoskevich   December 21, 2011

Perrelet raises the stakes with its latest double rotor creations

By Megan Samoskevich

Perrelet‘s popular Turbine collection takes its famous automatic double rotor technology to a new level, creating four new interpretations that range from patriotic to playful.

The big brother of the original Turbine, this new Turbine XL makes a statement that starts with its visibly large size: 50 mm (the original was 44mm). But since they also are available in a variety of color combinations, color certainly will help underscore the statement.

Crafted in blackened DLC steel, titanium or rose gold, the concave-shaped case with specially integrated crown incorporates twelve titanium blades that cover the dial and slip beneath the interior black bezel. On the under dial, green, orange, white or gold stripes accentuate the dazzling spinning effect. Prices for the Perrelet Turbine XL range from $6,000 in steel to $25,900 for the rose gold version.

Gold and Gambling
Created for the world’s gambling enthusiasts, the Perrelet Turbine Poker features colorful cards spread around the dial that play hide and seek beneath the characteristic 12-blade wheel. This model offers a chance to reinvent poker by getting friends and family to guess, or bet, and keeping them in suspense until it stops completely.

The company offers three dial options for the Turbine Poker (top right). One comes with a winning combination—a pair of sevens.  The second features a pair of sevens and two royal flushes of spades and hearts and the last comes with two full suits, three of a kind and a pair of sevens as well as a trip kings and pair of sevens. This special series is housed in a 44mm DLC-coated steel case and is priced at $6,000.

Perrelet pays tribute to the red, white and blue with the new Turbine America, limited to 777 pieces (right). The signature 12-blade wheel reveals the red and white stripes of the American flag while rotating. A stunning optical effect is created by blue squares of white stars. Being divided into groups of eight or nine, they total fifty, the exact number of stars on the American’s flag. Retail is $7,000.

And finally, inspired by James Bond himself, the new Perrelet Golden Bullet is perhaps the most alluring model of the Turbine series. The watch is richly colored with rose gold tones, starting from the golden ingots on the lower dial and up to a solid gold ring in the center. Simply move your wrist and the turbine immediately springs into action to reveal the sparkling optical illusion. Produced in a limited edition of 888 pieces, the Turbine Golden Bullet retails for $6,000.

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