James Bond’s Rolex Submariner up for Auction

By: iW Editor   October 31, 2011

The customized Rolex Submariner worn by Roger Moore as James Bond in 1973’s Live and Let Die is being auctioned at Christie’s Important Watches sale in Geneva on November 14th. Expected to fetch up to about $450,000, it’s the most famous 007 Rolex as it was designed to incorporate several special features by Q Branch.

The timepiece’s two most notable tools were the hyper intensified magnetic field powerful enough to deflect the path of a bullet even at a long range – plus unzip a Bond girl’s gown to boot – and a rotating buzz saw bezel, both used by Bond at climatic instants in the movie.

The inside caseback is signed Roger Moore 007, and it comes complete with two framed black and white prints showing Moore wearing the watch. Designed by the film’s art director Syd Cain, the watch is a modified 1972 model. At the beginning of the movie Bond uses it to unzip Miss Caruso’s (Madeline Smith) dress.

While the watch no longer has a movement as it was removed to allow the customization, it’s sure to draw fierce bidding from collectors. The Rolex still has its original bracelet but it also carries proof that the hyper magnetic field was not real: a pinhole from which a fine thread was connected to Smith’s dress zipper to help the secret agent pull it down.

The lot will be sold together with an original construction drawing and two signed images from the set. The bidding estimate is expected to be in the $230,000 to $450,000 range.

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